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The Peloponnese Peninsula

Discover modern comfort surrounded by ancient history and azure waters

This is a fascinating bike trip for the admirers of Greek Archaeology and seaside beauty. It combines the marvelous endless beaches lying along the Argolic Gulf with some of the most important archaeological sites in Peloponnese such as Epidaurus with the famous theatre, Mycenae that conquered during the Bronze Age, ancient Mantinea, ancient Tegea, Argos, ancient Lerna with the homonymous lake where Hercules killed the mythic beast, and the walls of ancient Tiryns.

bikingvietnam Your destination is the Central-Eastern Peloponnese where the mythical perpetual mountains meet the fantastic blue sea. Your start point is Tripoli, a small purely Greek town still unaffected by mass tourism, located in the heart of the Peloponnese peninsula. Passing by the small picturesque fish village of Paralio Astros you end up to the dreamy seaside town of Nafplio situated in the eastern part of Peloponnese where you spend 4 amazing days.

You will experience not only modern Greece but also the Classical one. So pack your bags and get ready for this unforgettable tour!

A note about weather: From as early as March, the day temperature is well suited for comfortable cycling and in April you can already expect balmy evenings. As of May, the sea temperature is pleasant for a longer bath and in June shady spots are already desired on the Peloponnese. High temperatures and busy season is in July and August, which is also when the locals are in large numbers on the water. Suddenly, from September leaves the hustle and pleasant temperatures are dominant again. Also, October is still a good travel month, with crystal clear water and respite from the heat.

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